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Darkness Awakened by Katie Reus


So, based on the summary (and the hot cover), I thought I would love this book.  The premise was right up my alley.

Wolves, check.

Vamps, check.

Paranormal romance, check.

However the reality for me was a bit disappointing.

Don't get me wrong.  This was an okay read.  But that was all.  Just okay.  The story never reached out and grabbed me.  And I never really bought into the intense love that the hero and heroine were supposed to have.  The author told us how passionately they loved each other.  But I never really felt it.

There was a lot going on, and even though it was well written, I never felt like the world the author was trying to establish took hold.  It seemed like there was missing lore, missing pieces to the story.  Like nothing was ever really fleshed out.

I had no real connection to the secondary characters, and unfortunately, no real desire to read anything further in this series.

It wasn't terrible, it just didn't pull me in the way I wanted it to.

2.5 stars