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Shooter by Dahlia West


If you know me, you know I reticent to read a book about bikers.  Mostly because most of the books out there that are driving this new trend in erotica are full of misogynistic assholes that authors are painting as heroes.  So, when I decided to read this particular book, I did so with some trepidation.


Well, let me just say that I enjoyed this book quite a bit.  And except for a couple of – in my opinion – unnecessary plot devices, I think the author did a good job of painting a hero and heroine that I really enjoyed and rooted for.


Hayley, our heroine, is running from something terrible in her past.  And you find out that she doesn’t stay anywhere for very long.  Six months is her maximum.  And she comes to Rapid City, her new home, on a bus.  You find out that she’s researched and chosen this mid-sized town for a reason. 


She wanted to be around people, just not be overwhelmed by them.


She takes a job at a local biker bar and begins to look for a place.


Enter Shooter (or Chris) our hero.  Chris, in the beginning, is mostly an asshole.  I get it.  He doesn’t trust Hayley.  In fact, he calls her Slick because he thinks she’s a con-artist.  Which, to be honest, she kind of is.  But he’s drawn to her…wants to help her.


At first, I thought I would hate him and that I would flounce this story.  However, I learned very quickly that Chris isn’t the asshole he initially comes across as.  And even better – he’s not really like the douchebag assholes I’ve read in other “biker books.”  Although, he does have his douchebag moments.


This story has a very Sleeping with the Enemy feel to it.  And I quite enjoyed that aspect.  It pulls you in, makes you nervous, and ultimately keeps you turning pages so you can see what happens next.  If you have any sexual assault or violence triggers, this might not be the book for you.  The author doesn’t sugar-coat or gloss over anything.


The ending felt a bit rushed, but it was a happy ending nonetheless.  I just wish it hadn’t felt so disjointed.  If it hadn’t been for a couple of things, I probably would have given this 4 stars, however, I’m giving it 3.5. 


It was definitely a solid read.