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Season of Second Chances by Brighton Walsh


When I sat down to read Season of Second Chances by Brighton Walsh, I expected to enjoy it.  Mostly because I love the author and her words, but also because we’re approaching the holidays, and from the description, it sounded like the perfect book to curl up with.


Well, it was.


And I loved it.


We meet Claire on Christmas Eve.  She’s stranded in the airport in Chicago, trying to make it to her sister’s house for Christmas.  But the snow is pouring, and all flights have been cancelled.  This sucks for her.  Under normal circumstances, this would suck for anyone.  However, we learn that Claire needs to get the hell out of Chicago for other reasons – reasons far more pressing and personal than wanting to trim a tree with her family.


And that reason is Logan.


Logan…hnnnnggg. (More on him later.)


We find out that Claire actually used to live in Chicago, that she had a whole life there.  A life filled with a man whom she loved, his daughter, and the promise of a future with a family she adored.  Unfortunately for Claire, she always felt like she came in second place to Logan’s job.  And for that reason, two years ago, she made the decision to walk away.


But she’s never forgotten him.


And beyond that – she still loves him.


Damn, I adore a good love story about reconnection.  And when Logan happens upon the put-out Claire and offers her a place to stay to ride out the storm, it becomes clear that that’s where this story is headed.


Logan – by the way – is my actual dream man.  I know I love to read about various different men with different traits and personalities.  But what I fantasize about and what I actually want are, in reality, very different.  He’s someone who has his shit together, he has a career, a home, and a daughter who he loves and cares for.  Oh, and he’s hot…and swoony…and hot. (Please to be seeing what I will now refer to as the “sweater scene” because from now on, I will always be turned on by a man who fills out a sweater stretched across his chest and stomach muscles.  Thank you very much for that visual, Brighton.)


These two definitely have a lot to work through – their past, their lingering feelings, and their palpable chemistry that jumps from the page.  And if you know this author, you know she brings the swoons and the heat.  And did I mention the Daddy swoons?  Because that’s another thing that just killed me dead in this story.  Because Logan’s daughter, Sophie, made me want a stepchild of my very own.  (And I don’t even really like kids.)


This story is like a Peppermint Mocha on a cold night - rich and decadent and sweet.  And steaming hot.  It’s the perfect treat to curl up with.  And fans of contemporary romance will adore it…just like I did.  So, now I’ll be trolling airports looking for hot single dads.  Thank you for that, Brighton.




5 stars.