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Play of Passion by Nalini Singh


I really enjoyed Drew and Indigo’s story.  And I’m finding that I really do enjoy the changeling on changeling pairings. 


Why, you ask?


Because they never cease to have some action right off the start.  Now, we didn’t get full-on aggressive fucking like we did with Riley and Mercy.  However, we did get some post-shift naked kissing between our hero and heroine.  And NEGL, Drew can naked kiss me anytime he wants.


“I can scent your hunger,” he murmured, his voice dropping until it scraped over her skin, raw and arousing.  “I want to taste it.”


At first I thought their dynamic was going to be too similar to Riley and Mercy, but it wasn’t.  While Indigo is a dominant female and Drew a dominant male, Indigo is actually older.  And on top of that, she outranks Drew.  And we find out in this book just how important hierarchy is to pack.


But that doesn’t stop Drew.  And damn, if it doesn’t make me love him all the more.

And you know I had issues with the slut shaming I felt was in Mine to Possess.  But Drew… *sigh* Drew won me over with this.


“Who was the lucky guy?” Jealousy dug sharp little claws into his gut, but he shut that door tight almost before it opened.  Changelings were sensual creatures – touch was the cornerstone of how they related to each other.  He would never have wished for Indigo to have spent her adult like without intimacy; it would’ve hurt her on the deepest level.




Their relationship wasn’t easy; there were definitely issues and hurdles to get over.  But it was effortless to read.  It felt genuine, warm, real…and sexy.  So, basically…my favorite kind of book.


Some of my favorite quotes:


“If you’re a very good boy,” Indigo murmured in a sexy, husky, tone as she reached down to cup his straining cock for one electric second, “I might kiss you other places, too.”

  • Because whatever he took, he gave back with staggering generosity.
  • “You’re so beautiful, you make my heart stop.”


We also got more from Hawke and Sienna – otherwise known as the story I’ve been more obsessed to read than anything in recent history.  That story is gonna be off the charts angsty and hot and…hnnnnggg.


I can’t wait!


More on the political front as well.  There’s definitely a war coming…and I don’t know how prepared any of them are for it.  The council, the Psy, or even the changelings.  But what I do know – the changelings protect what’s theirs.  And all of them seem to be in love now, so it makes it so much more to protect.


In love with this series.


I don’t know how most of you had to wait years in between new books.  I would die.


4.5 stars!