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Visions of Heat


I basically started this book as soon as I finished Slave to Sensation.  I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Lucas and Sascha’s story, but I was wrong.  I enjoyed it so much more.  And the reason was Vaughn. 




We’d gotten glimpses of Vaughn in book one, and while he seemed like a loner – moody and angry – I wasn’t that connected to him.  Which, if I’m being honest, is strange because that’s everything I love in a hero.


Here’s the thing: I love a hero who’s tortured, but I also love when he is vulnerable.  And Vaughn had both of those qualities in spades.  We meet him in the very beginning.  He’s a jaguar-changeling, and we find out that he’s pulled to a particular Psy compound, but he doesn’t know why.  It doesn’t make sense given the animosity between the Dark River pack and the Psys.  Still, he runs the perimeter, watching for something he can’t understand. 


Faith, our heroine, is a Cardinal F-Psy.  We find out that she’s kept in the compound that Vaughn is drawn to.  Her Cardinal ability is seeing the future.  And she’s basically kept in seclusion and guarded because her power is invaluable to the Psy Clan.  But Faith is tortured in her own very real way.  She’s having visions – horrible, terrifying visions that surround her in darkness.  She’s scared; she doesn’t know what to do.  But she makes the decision to sneak out and seek the advice and help of Sascha in Dark River.


And that’s when this story really starts because upon her entry into Dark River, she meets Vaughn.  Oh, and when he finally shifts into human form, he’s naked.  Also, he can’t seem to stop touching her.




Which leads me to the other thing that I loved about Vaughn.  He is so fucking masculine and powerful and gives zero fucks about why he’s drawn to her.  He just is, and he embraces it.  He knows that she’s not used to touch, but he just can’t stop.  He’s basically all, “I want to touch you and I’m going to do it even though I probably shouldn’t.  And fuck anyone who tries to stop me.”  And even though Faith is overwhelmed by him – by everything about him – she finds that she’s equally drawn to him, too.


And the thing I love most about their story is the fact that even though there are obstacles in their way of being together, the obstacles never stem from them.  The angst never seems contrived or forced.  And there’s never a moment where I’m pissed about what’s keeping them apart.  And the UST in this book… Gah!!!  I die.


Their story unfolds quickly.  It was an easy read and I felt like I couldn’t stop turning pages until it was done.  I actually enjoyed their story more than Lucas and Sascha’s.  And for that reason, I’m giving it five stars.