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Review: Slave to Sensation


So, basically, I’m super late to the party on these books.  Especially since Slave to Sensation was published in 2007.  And honestly, I’d seen them on amazon and goodreads, but the premise never really appealed to me because even though I’m a huge fan of PNR, I’ve never really been one for shifter romance.  Vampires have sort of always been my thing.


Well, that was my bad.


Because I truly loved this book.


I was immediately fascinated by Sascha and her story.  I couldn’t imagine what it was like to live in a world free of touch and emotion.  Especially given that humans thrive of love and touch.  And even though her particular race, the Psy, had essentially banished them and programmed their children to not need or want them, we find out immediately that Sascha does, in fact feel.  And she’s so gifted, she’s been able to disguise it her entire life.


We meet Lucas, who is the alpha of Dark River, a Changleling breed of cats – sexy cats, like panthers and jaguars.  There are also other Changeling breeds, including wolves.  We also learn that there is a blatant contempt between the Psy and the Changelings.  However, because the Psy are nothing if not practical and business-minded, they enter into a business deal with Dark River to build and sell homes on land owned by the Snow Dancers, the wolves.


Sascha is immediately drawn to Lucas – you can almost feel her resolve and shields breaking down immediately upon meeting him.  And even though Lucas hates the Psy on a very base level, you see his fascination with her in spite of his contempt for her race.  And damn if I don’t love the kind of sexual tension this results in.


I love everything about Lucas as the hero.  He’s alpha and dominant and sexy as fuck.  But here’s the thing: he’s also this sensual motherfucker who doesn’t let all the reasons they shouldn’t be together stop him from pursuing Sascha.  And my favorite thing is he’s not some dominant asshole who tries to bring her to heel.  He’s as gentle and tender as he is aggressive and demanding. 


And even though Sascha is fighting to control these feelings and urges she shouldn’t have, she finds that she can’t stay away.  She as fascinated by his world where people love and touch and live as she is by the man.


Everything about the Psy Network read a little Matrix-y to me.  And even though it sometimes felt sci-fi and not fantasy, I never enjoyed it any less.  I did find that I needed to reread a couple parts just to see if I understood everything that was going on.  And even then, I didn’t mind.


There’s a thriller element to this book as well. I never feel like Sascha is completely safe and I was biting my nails through certain parts.  There were moments I was afraid to read the next scene because I was scared of what would happen next, yet I couldn’t stop reading because I had to know how it played out.


We meet other characters that I’m sure will play a part in the following books in the series, but much like JR Ward does with BDB, Nalini Singh writes these characters in a way that makes you want to know more.


If you’re a PNR fan and you haven’t read this, I encourage you to pick it up.  I legit couldn’t put it down.